Sunday, March 6, 2011


  • Work is keeping me busy once again. I still manage to read about 2 books a week, but was behind with blogging (finally caught up with reviews today). Thus having much time to visit your blogs either, and I am hopelessly behind on replying on comments (THANKS for commenting on my posts by the way! It's exciting to see comments!)
  • Also meant to do a Book Vs Movie post, will do that later... (watched My Sister's Keeper and The Girl Who Played with Fire).
  • Haven't much luck with fiction this year... only one stood out so far (Matched), and others were just okay or worse (see what fiction and non-fiction I'd read so far this year here)
  • Want to read 50-50 fiction and non-fiction this year, but looks like I'm doing 2:1 so far. Perhaps reading more non-fiction will help with my dissatisfaction with fiction. But with work being easy, it's easier to read fiction as I don't have to think as much...
  • Sometimes I wonder if my expectations with fiction is set too high? I suppose this year I am trying to read genre I am generally not into, and there's probably a reason I wasn't into the in the first place... but I won't know for sure till I try.
  • One of my goals this year is to have a read-along with my husband - since he prefers audio books and I prefer print, we'd choose 5 books together and I'd read to him instead. We started with Unbroken, which is very interesting so far. But we won't be able to finish it before the due date (we don't get to read every night due to my work). It also takes longer to read the book this way - it took me an hour to read 20 pages aloud (it is about 400 pages, with quite a lot of lines on each page... unlike some books with more white space). So will have to return it to the library and borrow it again later. Meanwhile, will choose something else to read - probably something not so new and popular so we can renew it! Thinking of My Life in France by Julia Child. Then after that maybe The Lost City of Z. Want to choose some fiction too - thinking of Shantaram and Cutting for Stone, but both are long books! 
  • Sometimes, Sesame (youngest kitty) just doesn't want me to read! He'd curl up at the crook of my arm, and push my book away with his paws, so I could pay full attention to holding him instead... it wasn't so difficult before to hold him and read at the same time as he was just 3.5 lb and I could hardly feel him, now he is probably close to 7lb if not more! Maybe I am just a wuss and need to lift weight :) He also loves to push the stacks of books I borrow from the library off from the top of my cabinet or desk to the floor... maybe I need to read fairy tales to him instead.
  • I can't wait till spring gets here... I know other parts of the country are enjoying spring break. Definitely not us. 


  1. It's good to at least be able to read even when work gets busy! I love your idea of reading to your husband to match your opposing interests of print vs audio!

  2. Shantaram is a ripper of a page-turner and you'll finish it in no time!
    I'm constantly in awe of the number of books you do get through - amazing!

  3. Your cat is killing me, lol, he wants all of your attention, to funny Christa.