Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eagerly anticipated... for 2 years?

I recently found out that Molly Wizenberg will be writing a 2nd book. It is tentatively titled Delancey - "It’s about a marriage, in a sense: about a man and a woman and the restaurant that they, however uncomfortably, gave birth to. It’s about what we do for the people we love. It’s about growing up. And most of all, it’s about a small business that we made with our own hands, on our own terms, and the community that came with it, a life that I had no idea would be ours." For more info, see her post here. I love reading her blog too.

But it probably won't be published until spring 2013!!! That's 2 years away!!!

If you haven't read her first book, A Homemade Life, I highly recommend it! One of my favorites memoir (and not about a dysfunctional family!) I love food, but I am a terrible cook (no patience! And I blamed it on my chemistry class that I NEED to follow the recipe directly or the kitchen will explode!) But after reading this book, I itched to learn to cook. Okay, so far I still haven't really cooked... but I have started making ice-cream, I read about food blog, I collected recipes - getting ready for the day I will start cooking...


  1. A friend of mine read a few passages from this book quite awhile ago and it sounded really good.

    My boyfriend -- not a chemist -- is the same way about recipes and following them exactly. It makes it hard for us to cook together :)

  2. @Kim - I don't know why, but when I read her stories I found them soothing and comforting - just like having some freshly baked bread or cookies, and hot chocolate and curling up next to the window to read a great book :) Hehe I drive my husband mad when I cook because I have to ask numerous questions, but I am getting a bit better now that I read more food related books :) Your boyfriend may like watching the America's Test Kitchen show/DVD. They test all the recipes and they use science to explain some cooking principles. In those cases it makes sense to follow their recipes since they have tried many, many recipes before they come up with the winning one :)