Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Review - XO (Kathryn Dance #3) by Jeffery Deaver

XO (Kathryn Dance #3) by Jeffery Deaver

The good - I haven't finished a non-baby related book for a while so I finished this book relatively quickly, since each chapter is short.

However, it doesn't live quite up to the usual Deaver standard... I was a bit disappointed in Kathryn Dance since she's the Body Language expert, but this book lack the technical details that I usually like in Deaver's books (some people though may like it better...) There were more music details than body language info, so that was disappointing for me.

The plot was just okay, the characters were just okay if not a bit cliche. The highlight was that my fav Deaver characters, Lincoln Rhyme and Ameila Sachs (from Deaver's other series, which is much more forensic focus) made a guest appearance - even though they just were mentioned in a few pages, but it was like meeting an old friend.

Overall, just okay. 2.5 Stars.

Note - The book was borrowed from the library.

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  1. Oh man, it is not great when a favourite author lets you down.

    It was my goal to read Bone Collector before Thrill Week and here it is less than a month away, sigh. This year, I promise.

  2. I read the first Dance book but not the second yet. Someday :) I like all of the body language stuff too.