Monday, May 6, 2013

Book Review - Defending Jacob by William Landay

Defending Jacob by William Landay

I love legal thrillers, especially if they have great courtroom drama, because I found the exchange could be so witty (though I hope I'd never have to set foot into a courtroom, unless I am just there as an audience out of curiosity, or as a juror).

I see this book on several bloggers' Top 10 list, so I just had to read it. It did not disappoint, though at over 400 pages, some parts just seemed a bit slow. (Nowadays, anything over 300 pages seem a bit long!)

The courtroom dialog was just okay in this book, but I liked how the story was told in two formats (first person and court excerpts), despite me not really liking any characters. 

There was a good twist in the end, though it wasn't a WOW/mind-blowing/WTF twist like The Sixth Sense. It did, however, make me think what I'd do if I was Jacob's parents. Now that I have a child, a story like this takes on a different dimension. Suddenly these what-ifs become more real. Like, it could totally be a reality. Before, it could be someone else's problems. It is a scary thought, and I hope I never have to face these issues.

4 Stars.

Note - The book was borrowed from the library.

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  1. This is on my TBR list to read this year also, it seemed to be on all the Mystery lovers top list.

    I enjoy books told from muliple characters.

    Being a mom definitely puts a new spin on those stories.

    1. I probably shouldn't have said different perspectives (probably shouldn't written reviews when I was half asleep... but I wanted to get them done before I fell behind again!) - it was done in alternate formats I should say - between first person, and court excerpts.

  2. I think I enjoyed this one a little more than you did, and I wasn't shocked by the ending, either.

    1. 4 stars are actually a high score for me! I hardly ever give out 5, or 4.5 even!

  3. I read this book in two long sittings, and savored every page. Critically, one could point to some of the technical flaws, but personally, I greedily devoured every passage and capitulated to the subtle narrative.

    Marlene Detierro (Tony Lama Boot)