Saturday, June 1, 2013

Book Review - Butterfly Tears: Stories of Entrapment and Enpowerment by Wil Drouin, Jennifer Thomas

Butterfly Tears: Stories of Entrapment and Enpowerment  by Wil Drouin, Jennifer Thomas

When I was asked if I'd like to join the tour for Butterfly Tears (, I said yes right away because I love reading inspirational true stories. This is a book about 9 women who transformed their lives from their shattered past, whether it be abuse, neglect, addiction or despair.

I am the 3rd stop on the tour. And I don't think I can tell her story better than Ashely sharing it herself. Here's a brief summary:

"Like many alcoholics, my drinking career started with my first sip of alcohol at age fifteen. I didn’t take into account my alcoholic dad, or all the fear and pain his addiction had caused me growing up. I just wanted to fit in, and alcohol made me feel cute, confident, and popular. I immediately began drinking to excess, blacking out, and sleeping around. With the death of my father, an abortion, and further family dysfunction, my substance abuse spiraled to daily pot use and other drugs, to numb myself from the pain of everything around me.

Finally I could no longer stand the false life I was leading. I got sober, and through Pathways to Independence, I got the therapy and loving support I needed to face the root of my problems in an honest way. That was the really hard part: facing all my feelings and fears. Today, I am seven years sober, and a credentialed teacher. My passion is to help children recognize all their opportunities in life and to boost their self-esteem. I want to show them, and everyone, that if you are confident, you can achieve what you want to, and that you can invent—or reinvent—your life the way you want it to be. It’s never too late."

~ Ashley

I recently read an article about authentic leadership, and one of the essential qualities is self-awareness - how you learned from your past and make the most out of it. As I was reading Ashley's story, I kept coming back to that article. It takes tremendous strength to pull yourself out of the hole, and stay out of it.

So congrats Ashley on your achievement! I can't even begin to imagine what she had to go through. And I love that she is now helping other children!

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  1. Thank you for the heartfelt post!

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the tour!

  2. Whoooooah, way to much for me right now but sounds inspiring.

    Hope your well Christa

    1. I like the each personal story is not too long, so you can just read one at a time, instead of being overwhelmed by reading them all in one go you know?

  3. Wow. I really admire people who have overcome so much who are able to put it out there for the public. It takes guts.