Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Review - A Textbook Case (Lincoln Rhyme Short Story) by Jeffery Deaver

A Textbook Case (a Lincoln Rhyme story)

A Textbook Case (Lincoln Rhyme Short Story) by Jeffery Deaver

I couldn't resist a Lincoln Rhyme story - even though it is a short story (even though I don't usually like short stories) and that I had to pay for a kindle copy (usually I borrow books from the library... but hey it was just 99 cents).

Well I did finish it and I normally would've skipped short stories. It wasn't a bad read, if I hadn't read the rest of the Lincoln Rhyme series. But I just much, much prefer an actual Lincoln Rhyme novel because if the details and suspense. This short story read more like a Cliff Note version, which just wasn't satisfying for the this Lincoln Rhyme fan. At least the bad guy wasn't super easy to guess.

3 Stars.

Note - I bought the kindle copy

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  1. Like you, short stories just don't do it for me. I have tried several. If it is a novella as part of a series I can handle but not a novel full of short stories.

    I really need to read another, only have read Bone Collector.

    1. I know, I keep wanting to give short stories a go, but it's just not enough.

      I really don't know which one to recommend next! I'd stick to his Lincoln Rhyme series though. The Kathryn Dance series is okay but not as good. I like his other series and stand alone just okay...