Sunday, August 11, 2013


July had been an extremely busy month, especially with work! So much so that I totally forgot I had a blog tour on 8/6! This hadn't happened before... but luckily the tour organizer was very understanding, and let me finish the tour later this month instead... so now I'll have 2 blog tours at the end of August, and then 2 in Sept!

I used to read all the time, but now, I usually on read when I am on the bus to/from work... when I get home I am usually so tired that I'd been fallen asleep at my desk while checking facebook etc. I suppose I could read more instead of spending time online... but so far I haven't really found many books that made me want to do that you know?!

And, if you could believe it or not, my boy turned one recently. ONE!!!

I hope he'd enjoy reading - he does like me reading to him, but he still is only interested in very short books with very few words, so I can't wait when he actually understands the stories and wants to lose himself in the magical world of books.

I have also hardly visited any of your blogs! Also not up to date with all the new releases. Tell me what I have missed! Any books I must read? Any of your posts I should read?!

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  1. I thought of you and little one this weekend as another friends daughter went 1, very exciting, hope it was a fun celebration.

    Enjoy the time you can read to him and he loves it. I miss that. Now reading time takes forever because she wants to read also and pronuncing words etc can take for a very long bedtime and the excitement goes for the parent, lol

    2 recommended reads for you are:

    Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend and
    Believe Like a Child

    I just finished a great Legal Thriller, will do review this week. Corrupt Practices

    Miss you

    1. Thanks for thinking of us and thanks for the recommendations! Have added them to the long list... miss you too! I need to do a better job to manage work/life balance...

  2. Happy belated birthday to your little kiddo!

    I've been in a slump a lot lately as well. Not sure why but I'm eager to get past it. Reading and blogging don't seem to mean the same as it did before.

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean about reading/blogging... I think a lot of my time is spent on doing research online instead... like, it's time to get baby gates! Time to research! It's time to start feeding solid food - time to research!

  3. I feel ya. My goal and what I think is most important is to get them hooked on having books around them. The joy of stories comes later. :)

    1? How time flies!!!

    1. That's good advice about getting them hooked on having books around them first - well the little ones definitely like having them around so he could chew on them!

      Yeah I can't believe he's one already!!!