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Book Review - After the Fall by Victoria Roberts

After the Fall

After the Fall by Victoria Roberts

From Goodreads:

This whimsical novel introduces us to a quirky Upper East Side family: Pops is a mad inventor; Mother a well-intentioned if flighty socialite; young Sis a tiny, madcap theater impresario; and the narrator, her earnest, sweet brother Alan. One day, Pops's inventions falter and this lovably eccentric family loses every penny. They wake up to find that they and the entire contents of their penthouse have been transported to Central Park. Aided by their two loyal housekeepers and fed by the maitre d' from their favorite restaurant, the family makes Central Park into a surprisingly comfortable home. But soon the strains of life and weather tear apart the parents' relationship. As Christmas approaches, the children must find a way to reunite them. With kimono-clad squirrels and a visit by a Yeti, this delicious tale is a love letter to family, creativity, and New York.

I saw this on the "new books" shelf at the library. Looks like an fast read with the illustrations, so why not? I am always looking for books that could inspire me.

Well, I was disappointed. Whatever the message the author was trying to get at with the story (which the author said was something she'd been meaning to write about for 17 years or something like that) was just lost on me. Maybe I am just too dense to get the A-ha moment... it didn't really make me think deeper about any issues, like what if, like what would I do if I was in that situation?

The illustrations are fine, but not enough to rescue the plot.

The reason I will give it 2 stars instead of 1 star, is that I did enjoy reading about the different inventions the father invented in the book - they were fun and quirky and creative. I wish the story was more about that. 

Note - The book was borrowed from the library.

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