Sunday, February 7, 2010

Too Funny - LOST vs. Avatar

I never thought I'd be so addicted to LOST! Love that show - but I had only watched 3 seasons (about to watch Season 4) so need to be careful when I read about LOST online. I have to say after Season 3, I am not liking Jack very much... I am amazed though how the writers can weaved a story within a story within a story and how everyone is all somehow connected. Talk about being creative and imaginative!

I'd also watched Avatar - while I thought it was quite good visually, the storyline was too predictable for me. Was fun to watch it in 3D.

So when I saw Books Are My Only Friends posted a really funny link called LOL: LOST vs. Avatar (Direct link here), I had to go take a looksy! So true, so true!


  1. Thanks for posting the link - hilarious! I hope you keep enjoying lost - (I think) it just keeps getting better as you go along, and seasons 4 & 5 are definitely action packed!

  2. I LOVE LOST. I just joined a LOST reading challenge :) Check it out: