Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book Review - The Murder of Roger Ackroyd: A Hercule Poirot Mystery by Agatha Christie

Title: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd: A Hercule Poirot Mystery
Author: Agatha Christie
Year: 1926
Page: 288
Genre: Fiction - Murder / Mystery / Thriller / Suspense

New to me author? No
Read this author again? Possibly
Tearjerker? No
Where did it take place? England
FTC Disclosure: Borrowed from the library

Summary (from
Village rumor hints that Mrs. Ferrars poisoned her husband, but no one is sure. Then there's another victim in a chain of death. Unfortunately for the killer, master sleuth Hercule Poirot takes over the investigation.

First Sentence:
Mrs Ferrars died on the night of the 16th-17th September -- a Thursday.
Why did I pick this book?
Read it as part of the Marple, Poirot, Holmes Challenge. I researched to see which Christie book I'd like to read (there are many!) and this one is one of people's favorite. I haven't read a Poirot one before (if I did, don't remember it), so want to give it a try.

My thoughts:
  • I think I definitely prefer books written recent years. E.g. this book used "clews" instead of "clues"! So the writing took a bit of getting used to... at times it is a bit choppy too
  • I didn't guess who the killer was, so that was a good thing! I did like that, the killer's identity was revealed step-by-step, and with explanation, unlike some other modern books in this genre where the killer just came out from nowhere, and showed no motive
  • I think I'd have liked the book better if it is "modernized" a bit. But, we may lose the Christie charm... 
    • I'd say for those of you who like this genre, to read at least one Christie book - I can definitely see why she's popular. She definitely has a unique style
    Rating: 3.5 Stars

    Have you read this book? 
    If you have, I would love to hear what you think! I'll link your review here if you wish!

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    1. I enjoyed the Poirot series with David Suchet on Masterpiece - did you watch any of that?

    2. I haven't read a AC yet but I do have And then there were None.

      I look forward to trying it because it is a classic.