Friday, January 1, 2010

The Marple Poirot Holmes Challenge for 2010

At Pemberley is hosting the Marple Poirot Holmes Challenge. More info here.

  • This  challenge is from  January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. 
  • You will have to read a minimum of 6 books in total: two Miss Marple mysteries, two Sherlock Holmes mysteries and two Hercule Poirot mysteries. You can of course, read more than 6 books if you want to.
  • The books you have chosen for this challenge can overlap with other challenges.

My thoughts:

I love reading contemporary murder/mystery/thrillers, especially if it is more clue-based or based on scientific facts (e.g. Jeffrey Deaver, the early Patricia Cornwell, Tess Gerritsen and Kathy Reichs etc.) It is almost embarrassing that I have perhaps only read one Agatha Christie's book a long, long time ago (so long that I don't even remember which one it was). As for Sherlock Holmes, I read some in Chinese when I was a child (probably children version), and loved the Young Sherlock Holmes movie :) So I think it's about time I read some of these classics!

List of Agatha Christie's books here.

List of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Home books here

My List:

Miss Marple mysteries
  1. TBD
  2. TBD
Sherlock Holmes mysteries
  1. TBD
  2. TBD
Hercule Poirot mysteries
  1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd: A Hercule Poirot Mystery by Agatha Christie
  2. TBD

Challenge Participants' Reviews:


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    2. Happy reading :) Thanks for joining! I'm looking forward to your choices.