Friday, January 1, 2010

Why I read

I don't recall ever NOT reading. We didn't have a local library where I grew up, but the book mobile would come once a week. I looked forward to that every week, and would be greatly disappointed if the bookmobile broke down or couldn't make it there for whatever reasons. We were only limited to 3 books, and I kept wishing we could borrow more!

I used to read 99.9% fiction (mostly murder/mystery/thrillers), but now I read about 30% fiction. I asked myself, why the change?

It seemed like, when I was going to school, I read fiction to escape. I had text books to read already (well, barely read them cover-to-cover truth be told). And now that I am not in school anymore, I tend to go for non-fiction to learn something new. Strong believer in life-long learning! Also, I think after reading Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, it sparked an interest in reading memoirs. Plus I love food, so food memoirs are right up my alley. I also found that once I am interested in a topic, I will read several books on that topic just to get different perspectives.

Most of the books I read are borrowed from my local library - I am very lucky that we have a great library! I love seeing what new books are on the New Books shelves. I just wish there is more time to read more books!

How I choose the books to read? Recommendations I see from blogs I subscribed to... looking through the New Books in the library... browsing related books on when I am in the library, I admit that I do choose by by its cover, or at least pick up the books to read the flap/back of book if the cover looks "pretty". I am a visual person!

I don't have a kindle or other e-reader... since I borrow most of my books, it'd get rather expansive. Plus I love touching the paper of the book :)

I should stop writing and start reading - I haven't read this year yet!

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