Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cool Bookmarks!

This is a blog I followed that I love - Inspire Me Now - and saw some really cool bookmarks!

The following is posted originally from Icoeye - aren't they creative! Love Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, The Little Prince and Alice in Wonderland!

Even with a bookmark, I always forget exactly where I stopped if it's not at a natural break like a new chapter. Would this be very useful!

What do you usually use as bookmarks? I am still old-fashioned and read books, and don't own a kindle or other e-reader... guess that won't be a problem then. I usually just use some scrap paper - preferably thicker paper like card stock as they hold up better, and with space that I can write down notes or page numbers of the quotes or interesting insights I want to use in the review. How about you?


  1. I came across these the other day - they are really cute! For some reason the little prince on especially appeals to me.

    The bookmarks I currently use consist of old mail/envelopes lying around - whatever's in grabbing distance when I need to pause my reading. Occasionally I use an actual bookmark, but I also have a huge tendency to lose my bookmarks :P

  2. @Dana - The Little Prince is one of my all time favorites, though I haven't read it for a long, long time, so who knows what I think of it now? I use old envelopes too! Yes I seems to lose my bookmarks also, thus using things that I don't mind losing...

  3. @Juju - aren't they? Though I fear if I have them, I'd lose them...

  4. Very creative! They should sell those as real package of book and its bookmark! But for me the bookmark can't be too flimsy as I carry my book everywhere in my bag.

  5. @mee - that'd have been a great idea if they do sell them! Would make great display/decorations :) I usually have a book with me too so I understand not wanting something flimsy!