Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Much Did Your Reading Cost in 2009

I came across this post: How Much Did Your Reading Cost in 2009 on Books We Read.

I thought it may be rather interesting to see how much it cost me last year for all the books I read and books I started but couldn't finish.


Wow. But, in reality, I only spent $16.50 because I only read one book I bought, and another book I owned was given to me by work. (Now, I did buy more books than that, just that I haven't read them yet so I didn't count them.)

The other 102 books I finished were borrowed from the library ($1421.71).

And the 19 books I couldn't finish cost $243.52 (also borrowed from the library.)

Note - I am using current prices on, so some book prices may have changed since their release. If a book has a hardcover or a paper copy on, I'd choose whichever one I had from the library. Of course, you could've bought the books cheaper used, but I used the new books price.

I am going to track for 2010 too... just to see!

How about you? How much did your reading cost you?

Or how much did it save you because you borrowed from the library? I saved $1716.23 :)


  1. Hi, you did very well with savings on reading expense!! Great job!! Just to let you know that I put a link on my post to point to this post.....

  2. Interesting...good to see you saved a lot on reading.

  3. Oh wow. I don't want to know. I'm frugal but it may hurt to see a total number.

  4. @mylastread - thanks! Thanks for idea in the first place!

    @Serena - I know! Saved a lot and learned a lot :)

    @Juju - I figured though, since I pay taxes, some of it go to "support" the library, so it's not really "free"... but still!