Saturday, December 11, 2010

Book Review - Red in the Flower Bed: An Illustrated Children's Story about Interracial Adoption by Andrea Nepa

Title: Red in the Flower Bed: An Illustrated Children's Story about Interracial Adoption 
Author: Andrea Nepa
Year: 2008
Page: 28
Genre: Children's Book, Graphic Book

New to me author? Yes
Read this author again? Maybe
Tearjerker? No
Where did it take place? Anywhere
FTC Disclosure: Given an electronic copy to review by Tribute Books as part of the December Blog Tour

Summary (from
The journey of adoption is beautifully depicted with the comforting imagery of a poppy flower who is welcomed into a garden family. It is a charming story of "seeds" being planted in the perfect place - exactly where they belong. Children and adults will enjoy this simple yet meaningful story and homespun illustrations. The book's loving approach helps children to understand adoption. Andrea Nepa has captured the essence of adoption and family, and has illustrated it beautifully with images and poetry that even a small child can comprehend and enjoy.

First Sentence:
One day, a seed dropped from a poppy flower onto the earth below.
Why did I pick this book?
I was approached by Tribute Books to see if I was interested in reviewing this book. Since I don't have children so I hardly read any children's books. However, since this book was about adoption, and one of my sisters-in-law was adopted, I was curious. 

My thoughts:
  • What a cute and colorful book!
  • It is hard for me to rate this book since I don't usually read children's book, and with no children, I won't know how they'd like it. So I'd have to judge it from an adult's perspective
  • I think this is a book that would be understood more by an adult than a child - the implied message, the symbolism, and the metaphor. The description said "the book's loving approach helps children to understand adoption" -- I wonder how much children would truly understand about adoption from this book. Maybe I am underestimating how much children know nowadays... or maybe I was just a dumb kid :) (I suppose, children can be anything from 0-18 years old... so it's hard to say at what age would the child see through the story)
  • I hope when the author's adopted daughter read it when she grew up, she'd understand the love from her mother for her


    Rating: 3.5 Stars

    Have you read this book? 
    If you have, I would love to hear what you think! I'll link your review here if you wish!

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    1. As a matter of fact, yes I have read it. I reviewed it almost a year ago. I'd love if you link to my review as I'm adding a link to your review from my review.

    2. Christa - it means a lot that RED IN THE FLOWER BED peaked your interest enough to review - even if children's books are your usual go-to genre.

      Thank you for sharing the book with the readers of Mental Foodie. We appreciate your support of the book and for participating in the blog tour.

      And you're completely right - the message of adoption is more open-ended. Parents reading the book with their children can decide how deep they'd like to delve into the theme of adoption based on their child's age level and understanding.

      Best wishes,
      Tribute Books

      P.S. Callista thanks for sharing the link to your review! :)

    3. Thank you very much for reviewing my book.