Sunday, December 11, 2011


My old computer had a virus (plus it was an old computer), so I got a new computer not long ago, and finally everything was set up the way I liked it (esp since the new one has Window7, the old one had XP, so was still learning the differences).

Then my computer acted up last night and my techy husband had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall window because he couldn't fix whatever the problem was. So now I have to re-set everything and it's frustrating! It'd prob be a while before I can have it set up the way I like it again sigh.

I was also in Florida for 3 days for a conference earlier and was I sad to leave the perfect weather to come back to the cold! I did manage to finish one full book this week (instead of graphic novel, verse YA book, "scrapbook", Chinese books...) so that's an improvement as the last full length book I read was 3 weeks ago!

Will be posting a book review tomorrow as it's a blog tour...


  1. @Michelle - I know. I don't mind changes, but computer changes bug me lol :)

  2. You know I understand computer issues. It showed me how much I rely on it.

    All my favourites etc GONE.

    Resetting to exactly how you like all over again, frustrating for sure. sigh

    Florida sounded like fun.

  3. @Marce - I know, can't imagine living without a computer! I didn't have access to one in FL, and that was nice, but that meant a lot of catching up when I got back... Now I try to save some favorite links as an email draft so I'd still have access to those links! Wish I had more time in Florida but it just didn't quite work out this time, as we'd rather save the money to go somewhere we really want to go instead. Something to look forward to I guess!