Sunday, October 20, 2013

What would you rather be?

I saw this question from the Books, so many books' facebook page:

Which would you rather be:
1. an author
2. librarian
3. journalist
4. publicist 
5. proof-reader
6. owner of a book store
7. writer of reviews
8. poet
9. editor
10. if something else, what?

For me, 1, 2, 3, 6 appeal to me. Though I guess I am pseudo-7 (I don't write formal reviews, just share my thoughts here). I guess 4 or 9 could be fun. Definitely don't want to be 5, or 8.

I wish I could shadow all these positions though to really know what it takes to do their job.

How about you?

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  1. I like writing reviews but I would also love to be a librarian. Good luck. :)

    How's the baby?

    1. Baby is doing fine - already almost 15m!! Thanks for asking! I like doing informal blog reviews, but not full on book reports or analysis... I'd love to be a librarian too. Have applied a job at the library a few years back but they turned me down lol.

  2. Even though I do reviews for the blog, it is to help me develop better writing and proofreading skills, which I hate to do. Mine would be to have a book store/cafe. 2nd choice would be a poet, I love anything artistic. Instead of writing a review, create a poem from the book you read, sounds fun to me, then perform it at a book store/cafe, lol

    1. That sounds fun! Though I don't usually understand poems... unless they are the fun ones that rhyme. But I like your idea! Maybe you should do that with your reviews :)