Sunday, November 17, 2013

Book Review - Mammolina: A Story about Maria Montessori by Barbara O'Connor, Sara Campitelli (Illustrator)

Mammolina: A Story about Maria Montessori

Mammolina: A Story about Maria Montessori by Barbara O'Connor, Sara Campitelli (Illustrator)

Describes the life and achievements of the Italian woman doctor who developed a revolutionary method of educating children.

I have always been interested in education, and have heard about Montessori before, but haven't really looked into it. Now that we have a kid, I have to start paying attention so I started doing some research. I am still very busy at work, so don't have much attention span to read books that require a lot of brain power - thus when I found out there is a children's book about Maria Montessori, I thought it would be a great cliff note version :)

I really enjoyed it - it was written in a simple manner and held my interest. And what a remarkable woman! Whether you agree with her philosophy on children education or not, she was one fascinating woman - I didn't know she was a doctor before she was an educator, and she became a doctor because she did not want to be a teacher in the first place (one of the few professions that women could be back then.) It interested me enough that I wouldn't mind reading more about her :)

4 Stars.

Note - The book was borrowed from the library.

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  1. I like the Montessori approach (we looked into a few schools but know they wouldn't work for our son right now) and will look for this one. I'm trying to use some of this at home to teach :) Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. There are many blogs/facebook pages that talk about montessori activities at home! I haven't really looked into it though...

  2. The little I know and have researched I enjoy the concept of Montessori also but did not choose Private school for my daughter. I have visited and set in a classroom, I found it very encouraging if similar to your values and household rules.

    Hope your well hon

    1. I like the idea of it - I wouldn't mind letting my son tries it and see if it's a good fit...