Sunday, October 24, 2010


  • Wow, finally caught up with all the reviews! Probably because my reading had slowed down too...
  • Felt like I'm in a reading runt. Everything seemed not good enough :p I think that's probably because I'd been really busy with work with new projects and deadlines, so had less time to read. Thus when I do get to read, I want to read something good, so that I'm not wasting my precious little time that I get to read!
  • I am also sorry that I hadn't visited anyone's blogs for weeks... now that it's getting colder, we probably will stay home more often on the weekends, then perhaps I'll have more time to catch up on everyone's blogs...
  • I will be having a yummy give away on Monday, 10/25/10, so what out for it!
  • Another reason I was busy was... we adopted a 3rd cat! Yes I went from petless to 3 in 3 months... we have a good reason though. While the first 2 cats get along fine, Kunik really wants to wrestle and chase, while Tallulah doesn't.  Tallulah is fine living with other cats, and doesn't mind Kunik grooming her sometime, but she's just not into playing with him that much (she'd play with interactive toys like Da Bird and Panic Cat). Kunik just seems sad and bored. We looked at the local rescue / shelters for a few weeks - while the other cats were cute, none of them stood out to us, until we met this little guy!

  • We got him a few days ago, and are still thinking of a name for him. His left eye looked a little funny in the photo as he was recovering from a cold. He's a Siamese-Mix, about 3.5 months old.
  • He's in an isolated room right now, but had let him out a couple of times for a supervised visit. Boy, he and Kunik started wrestling and chasing almost straight away! When we first got Tallulah, Kunik would follow her, but didn't really try to wrestle her until much later. I don't know why, but Kunik decided to start early this time! And luckily the little guy was up for it even though he's probably less than half of Kunik's size. He was a little scared a first but he got over it. His foster mum rescued him from the side of the road, or he'd have been euthanize. The foster mum didn't have any cats, but had 5 dogs, including a greyhound! So this little kitten is a little fearless. We really hope that once he's out of his "jail", he'd get along with the other 2 cats fine!
  • Tallulah and the little kitten had sniffed each other, and then went their way. I think Tallulah is just happen that Kunik has someone else to wrestle with, and will leave her alone! As long as she has food and gets petted, she's happy.
  • So far, no hissing or growling from anybody, so fingers crossed! 
  • And this is it - 3 cats, no more! :)  


  1. Your going to become the cat lady, lol, I'm joking :-)

    I agree with you, I think being busy/overwelmed with real life can put you in a reading rut for sure, hope you find something great soon.

    I am getting more and more Memoir recommendations, I can't wait to join the Memoir Challenge next year and really give them a go and discuss with you.

  2. We have heard comments already about getting a 3rd one :) But he's so cute! :)

    Gez, I just realized I said reading "runt" instead of "rut". I must have cats on my mind lol.

    Can't wait to hear what you think about Memoir! There are some I definitely don't like. Either I couldn't identify with them, or that I am just not interested in their stories. I definitely prefer the ones that are inspirational. If I have to recommend just one - The Glass Castle. Then a close second would be Running with Scissors (this one has more disturbing info and some may think a bit too graphic). But I like their honesty and life sometimes IS stranger than fiction!