Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you won the lottery...

Our last book club discussion was on Lottery: A Novel by Patricia Wood (my review here). It made me think, if I'd won the lottery, would I still want to work (assuming of course, that the prize money is big enough that you don't have to work anymore)?

I have to say, one of my first thoughts is, if I don't have to work, I can just stay home and READ ALL DAY LONG! Okay I will want to travel too, but I can still read while I'm traveling. Hey, an e-reader may finally come in handy (no I don't currently have one... because I borrow 95% of my books from the library... there are some e-books we can borrow but selection is a bit limited right now.)

Yeah, such a book nerd.


  1. Great question! I used to fancy that may be I'll never have to work, but I do know I won't last long that way. If I can be selfish here and spend it all on me, maybe I'll go travel around the world.

  2. If I won the lottery I would want to travel the world.

    I would actually propose a consultancy project work for my current job just so I can still have contact with adults in a professional environment.

    How great it would be to read, blog, do pilates, yoga and travel full time, ahhhhhhh sounds delightful :-)

  3. I'd want to do the same thing -- travel, read a lot, and then maybe go back to work for awhile. I think it'd get grouchy if I was just unmoored without work to do for too long :)

  4. It sounds like we all want to travel the word! :)

    I guess I wonder - would I want to go back to do what I do now (which I do enjoy), or find a job somewhere else (i.e. now I don't have to worry about salary/benefits as much, what would I choose to do?)