Monday, June 27, 2011

When to review?

In the beginning of the year, I was able to review within a week of finishing the book (well, technically my posts aren't strict reviews. They really are more like my thoughts on the books since I don't do proper analysis in the technical sense. That's a whole another post.) In fact, that was one of my reading goals.

When I blog about the book soon after I finish it, I definitely remembered a lot more details - especially the ending, and some of the minor characters. I am able to give more examples to support my thoughts.

As time goes by, and life get busy, I am behind in my reviews. I still read - I can't imagine to stop reading just so I can catch up on blogging! I am a reader first, and a blogger second. I take simple notes when I read - a few keywords to jot my memory on a certain plot or character or questions I have, or the page numbers of the quotes I want to include in the review. However, while these notes helped when I blog a delayed review, some details definitely had gotten fussy. Sometimes I couldn't even really remember how the book ended (I am probably getting old and my memory is getting worse!)

That made me stop and think - do we write a better reviews when we blog sooner rather than later? While the former reviews can provide more details, I think there is also value in delaying the reviews. If the characters and plot were strong, we'd still remember them vividly, even several books later. Doesn't it say something if I could hardly remember what happened, only a month later? I might still remember the gist of the book, but the story definitely had faded - some more so than others. If it didn't leave that strong an impression, perhaps it should be rated lower?

This is coming from someone who is 2.5 months or 11 books behind on reviews... I do want to blog each of them because otherwise I really would forget some of them! I looked back at the lists of books I read in 2008, 2009 and 2010. There were definitely some books that I don't quite remember at all. Would my ratings be different then if I have to rate them again now?

What do you think? Do you usually blog soon after you finish a book? Do you find it makes much of a difference?


  1. If I really loved a book, I want to review it right away. If I didn't like it so much, I tend to wait. I prefer to review as soon as possible, because I actually don't like writing. I want to get it over

  2. I take a compromise approach. I really have to write a review immediately or I forget too many details. But I try to schedule it for posting at least 2 weeks later, often more. Then I can revisit the review as I revisit the book in my head, and make little tweaks as I revise my thoughts.

  3. I like to review right away but for me it goes with the reading one book at a time, just part of the whole package, it has my full attention and when I move on I am done.

    This is why I enjoy favourite lists, characters, books of the year, covers etc, those will always stick with you even years from now even if you don't remember details.

    I quite like rhapsodyinbooks process, write review immediately but post for later so you can review and edit as you please.

    Even with this I have only had 3 books that made me consider the rating but it was only by 1/2 star so not a real difference.

  4. I am having the same problem. I write my best reviews when I have the book fresh in my memory, but often times weeks lapse before I get to writing the review. I definitely want to write them sooner, but thus far I haven't implemented a new way to make that happen.

  5. I think it does make a difference -- sometimes I'm more apt to gush about a book right after finishing it than I might be otherwise. But, I do like reviews that are more vivid, so I prefer to write them right away if I'm motivated and have time, rather than waiting, since I think those reviews are more fun to read.

  6. I like to review only at least 2 days after I read a book - not sooner, not later. Of course, I end up mostly doing later, by when I've forgotten a lot. Sometimes, I think I should immediately write a quick review and revisit it two days later, by when I'll have formed more judgments and have some more stuff to write. But I'm lazy.

  7. I just can't remember things like I wish I could so I have to review pretty quickly. I do find that my feelings toward a book can change over time, which is fine... but a bit frustrating sometimes after I've already reviewed!

    I'd love to get ahead like rhapsody, but that'd require lots of planning and forward thinking.. which my blog lacks. :)

  8. THANK YOU all for sharing! I totally appreciate your feedback!

    @MrsQ - get it over with, ha, I hear ya! I don't mind writing, just not reports lol. btw, I haven't left comments on your blog for a while because I had some problems before leaving a comment. Hopefully can do it now.

    @rhapsodyinbooks - good idea to do one right away, and revise later, before posting. But I don't have that discipline, especially since I'm already behind! I have to think about that and see if it can be done somehow...

    @marce - I like the favorite lists too! Though I wonder if the books I read later in the year made more impact since they are still fresh in my mind. When I rate I try to see what I'd rated so far this year to get some consistency.

    @reviewsbylola - same here... I was able to write reviews straight away earlier this year, and also for the ARC I'd committed to a date. I don't want to put a hold on reading just so I can catch up on blogging though!

    @Kim - I definitely find that if I write a review right away I tend to write more. So now I try to write more notes to remind myself what to discuss if I can't review soon. Hopefully that'd help a bit.

    @Aths - I won't call you lazy! Your reviews are wonderful, unlike my bullet point list :)

    @Bailey - I know what you mean about getting frustrated when you change your mind about a book. Ah well, I am a mood reader so what worked or didn't work at one point in time just reflected my life at the time :)

  9. I want to review right away for the reasons mentioned but it usually never happens. With three kids, one a baby, I'm having trouble getting any reviews up lately plus I post on my other blog too.

    I don't do it regularly but I do write the posts right away but delay when it goes up sometimes like rhapsodyinbooks said. I almost always do edit it too. Or sometimes I'll make a new post and jot down some ideas on the book, sometimes paragraphs sometimes point form. Then later I go back, write more, add the cover, book info, links etc later.

  10. @Callista - Since I have no kids and just 1 blog, I don't know how you handle it! I do keep notes on the book when I read, then type it up in my email as a draft... maybe I should save it as a draft in blogger...