Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tallulah & her new hair do!

We decided to take Tallulah to the groomer's to get a lion cut (let's just say hairballs are not fun, I'll spare you the details.)

There are cats who look funny with a lion cut, but she actually looks very stylish - you can't really see in the picture that she has dots on her body, so she looks like she's wearing a leopard leotard, and her tail is like a whip lol! When she walks, she actually looks like a model down the runway lol. She long hair already felt pretty soft, but now she is velvety soft! I wonder how long it'd last...

The funny thing is, Sesame thought her tail is a cat toy - like those fishing pole toy - and kept chasing it when we first took Tallulah home! Tallulah wasn't happy, to say the least :) But she can hold her own. We're lucky that the three cats get along fine - there might be some hissing sometime if they don't want to play, but they don't hold a grunge.

The groomer also said she was very well behaved, so she wasn't a problem at all (when we dropped her off, we heard another cat crying loud!) When we took Tallulah to the vet a couple of weeks ago for her annual check up, the vet said cats' heart rate is usually around 90-100 at the vet since they are nervous. Tallulah? Her heartbeat was 80! She must also have a calming effect on Kunik - the first time we took Kunik to the vet for an eye infection, his heart rate was over the roof (like 120?) For this annual visit, we took them in together (Sesame's annual visit won't be until Nov), and Kunik's heartbeat was just around 90. He's usually a bit more nervous than Tallulah, but I think with her there in the exam room with him, he felt more comfortable. When we first took Kunik home, we stopped by my sister-in-law's house for dinner on the way back (it was a 6 hours drive one way to take Kunik home, and SIL lived an hour away from us), he hid the whole time in her office. After we took him back to our house, he hid for 5 minutes, and didn't want to be lock up in the mud room (as advised - so they can slowly familiarize themselves in the new space). With Tallulah? We put her in a 2nd bathroom when we took her home 2 weeks after we adopted Kunik (we put her in the bathroom so we could slowly introduced her to Kunik), as soon as we let her out of the cage, she went straight for the food. No hiding for her! Give her food and a head/neck scratch, she'd be your BFF! Good thing we keep her indoor only!


  1. Hee hee, that's adorable. I don't think my cat, Hannah, would like getting a lion haircut. She'd look ridiculous!

  2. @Kim - we weren't quite sure if we'd like the lion cut, but now we love it. We both think it suits her better! Husband kept thinking she was overweight before (she was about 10.75 lb at the vet visit in May). She looks actually quite skinny after the shave! I wouldn't be surprise if she's only around 9lb lol. And I definitely has less cat hair all over me (she likes to sit on my lap.) Now I just hope it won't grow back so fast. Her hair cut cost about the same as mine, and I only go like, twice a year. So we might have to pay more for her 'do than mine :)