Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Re-Reading a Favorite Book - Totto-Chan: The Little Girl At the Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

I hardly ever re-read. Too many books, too little time. You know how it goes.

But when it's a favorite book, it is so worth it. Although I was a little scared and nervous that I won't like it as much as I remembered - after all, it's been 20 years (? give or take) since I last read it (and in a different language too.)

Fear not, I still love it just as much, if not more. The touching moments are still touching. But now, as I am older and hopefully wiser, I have a new found appreciation.

Will talk more about it in my review later, but just can't help but gush about it now. It's like bumping into an old, lost friend. Makes you feel all warm and squishy.

Funny how I could hardly remember the plot of some books I read in recent years. Yet, bits and pieces of this book just came right back, even with the language differences (I read the Chinese version a few times previously, and just read the English version for the first time). And I am still inspired after all these years.

I hardly have any favorite books of all time, but this is one of them. I wonder how I'd feel when I read it in 2031. Let's make it a date, Totto-chan.


  1. I love the - let's make it a date.

    I only have one book that I can reread and still be affected by it.

    Dibs in Search of Self.

    I agree it is like bumping into an old friend.

  2. I still got teary-eyed when I read Totto. Dibs! I got it for free at the library sale (they had a bunch of free books). Not knowing anything about it but thought it sounded interesting. Brought it along on my vacation last year and never got around to reading it. I should go read it soon!

  3. ohhh! I lurrrrve this book too! :) one of my favs as well :)

  4. @bookaholic - glad to hear someone else has read this little gem!