Monday, July 4, 2011

Spoilers or no spoilers?

Do you like reading spoilers in others' reviews?

For myself, I am conflicted:
  • If you include spoilers, please clearly marked that your reviews include spoilers please! Sometimes I read reviews before I read a book just to see whether I want to read that book (too many books, too little time, I need to make a decision somehow!) I tend to read the negative reviews first to see why the reviewers don't like it. In those instances, I don't want to read spoilers!
  • Other times, I want to read spoilers! I am done with a book, and want to discuss with someone, I want to see what others think of those spoilers (usually crucial parts of the story)
  • Another time I want to read spoilers  is when I DON'T want to read a book, but want to find out what happened, I want to find out how it end. Yeah, the lazy way to read a book :) 
Do you include spoilers in your reviews?
  • I tried not to, because I don't want to spoil it for someone else's enjoyment of the book
  • Sometimes I include spoilers when I really want to talk about it in the review. But I would mark it clearly that it includes spoilers, so for those who don't want to know, can skip.
  • But lately, I'd re-read some of my older reviews, where I might say the twists were good or predictable, but didn't elaborate... and now I don't remember what those twists or secrets were!  Or how the story ends! Which made me think that I should use more spoilers tags, so when I read back, I'd remember the story more... 
How do you feel about spoilers?


  1. I don't mind spoilers if labeled because if you have read it can start dialogue. I don't reread so knowing it was great due to twists but not remembering them is ok for me.

  2. I used to avoid at all costs, but then found that my reviews suffered as a result. I found a plugin for wordpress that made it easy for me to hide spoilers - and in a way that no one will "accidentally" read it (except in my e-mails, which I don't know how to fix).

    So far as reading spoilers, if I haven't read the book, I don't like spoilers. I don't want to read if all of the surprises are gone!

  3. I try not to include spoilers. I want to make someone want to read the book, and not ruin it. I know how it feels to have a book ruined by spoilers...

  4. I've included spoilers only once, and that was for a book widely read - I found it kicked quite some discussion, a few commenters were very passionate about their take on it. But for the most part, I don't include. I just allude to stuff in my reviews (the ending was lame, the character does something halfway through that is inconsistent, etc). I may not recollect the stuff later, but I find it's ok. If I really want to remember it, I bug someone else who's read it. :)

  5. I totally hate reading spoilers! I always mark at the top if the review has them, and this only happens if the book is part of a series so that reviewing one necessarily tells what happened before it!

  6. @Marce - Agree with labeling spoilers. I hardly re-read, but when I see someone else's review of a book I'd read, I'd go read my own review and then I found that I don't recall what the twists or endings were!

    @ham1299 - Agree that spoilers can ruin the surprise! Sometimes I just want to find out what happened without reading the books, like the Twilight series lol (I read the 1st book only). I don't think blogger has that plug-in... that's too bad. Also agree that my reviews might have suffered a bit, since the spoilers are usually the critical part of the story... hard to share thoughts on something I can't talk about!

    @Mrs Q - "I want to make someone want to read the book" - well said!

    @Aths - Now I wonder which book you included spoilers!! :) That's why when I wanted to remember the spoilers, I checked the "hidden reviews with spoilers" on goodreads. I asked them if they can add a spoiler filter (like you can choose to read just 1 star review) for ease of finding the spoiler reviews :)

    @rhapsodyinbooks - I definitely appreciate posts clearly marked spoilers - so I can choose to read it or not! Often times I found that reviews DON'T mark spoilers, then I found out who died or who the killer was. Sigh.

  7. I don't mind spoilers as long as the reviewer clearly marks them. Personally, I try not to include spoilers in my review unless I feel it is necessary, which is obviously very subjective. When I do include spoilers, I make sure to make it very clear that I am doing so.