Sunday, January 1, 2012

2nd Blogging Anverisory and Reading Goals in 2012

As of 1/1/12, I'd have been blogging for 2 years! Can't believe it. The biggest reward is to get to know some like-minded bloggers! :)

I will continue to blog in 2012 as time permitted :) Hopefully I can do a better job, and post more consistently than I did this year. I am such a spontaneous/mood blogger that I blog only when I feel like it...

Let's see what goals I should set for 2012:

#1 - I like what Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness said about not becoming a reading robot (see her post here), and specifically that reading should be a transporting experience. So I want to continue to emphasis on quality over quantity, and choose books I really want to read, and abandon books that couldn't hold my interest. I already know 2012 is going to be a very busy year for me due to several projects in the works.

#2 - I will continue to try to blog every book I read (and not finished). I think I will do shorter, more to-the-point reviews. Well, truth be told, my posts aren't actually reviews since I don't go into deep analysis over language, structure, plot, characters... I really just want to share my thoughts on the book. And if I can write shorter posts, maybe I won't be so delayed on my reviews!

#3 - I also want to continue to read out-loud some books with hubby. Maybe we'll aim for 3 this year. It takes more time to finish the book when I read it out loud to him (compared to me just reading it silently to myself), but we do enjoy the experience, and it gives us something to do together.

#4 - I don't care how many fiction or non-fiction I read, as long as I read both! I am such a mood reader, so I can't plan ahead what I will read next (apart from the book clubs read - I belong to 2 of them)

#5 - Lastly, I still want to give at least 1 audio book a try, while being on the elliptical! 2012 is a year to get healthy! :)

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  1. I enjoyed Kim's post too. I always wonder how you can digest the contents of a book if you're reading 100 books in a year. I was starting to feel like I needed to pick up the pace on my reading when I noticed how many books some other bloggers were reading. But this book reinforced what I ultimately knew. I like to enjoy each book and if that means taking 3 weeks to read it, learn each character and digest each concept fully, then so be it.

    I'm still trying to incorporate more fiction into my reading. I've started 2012 with 2 fiction books after only having read 2 for all of 2011! I'm looking forward to the Versatile Reading Challenge to help me stretch on my selections as well.

    I've not yet listened to an audio book either. And I don't think 2012 will be the year. I look forward to your review on that!

  2. Happy blogoaversary and Happy New Year. I like that you build in quality time by reading aloud to your hubby! :)

  3. @Shannon - I can read much faster when it's fiction as I read to escape, whereas when I read NF it takes longer since I read to learn, thus need time to digest. Plus since I am a homebody, I have plenty of time to read at home, when I eat lunch at work, and when I ride the bus :) Audio book makes me fall asleep, or I get distracted. But I figure if I listen on the elliptical, it'd motivate me to get on to the elliptical in the first place since the opportunity cost is too high for me otherwise lol (half an hour to be on the elliptical or half an hour of reading? :)

    @biblijunkie - thank you! Yes we're trying to find out more way to spend time together, otherwise we're just in the same room on our respective computers lol :)