Monday, January 2, 2012

What a great start...

What a great start in 2012 - my first book is a Did Not Finish! :)  It is The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic--and How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World by Steven Johnson, which is for one of my two book clubs. I'll share my thoughts about it in a separate post.

But true to my word, I am not wasting time on books I don't enjoy. So 2012 will probably be a year of book abandonment!

I hope you had a better start than I did :)

Note - I am enjoying this graphic novel series in Chinese (originally from Japan) called Black Jack 怪醫秦博士/ 怪醫黑傑克 by Tezuka Osamu 手塚治虫. I am not sure if it comes in English, but they are short stories about this talented unlicensed doctor practicing on patients... (ummm looks like they DO come in English? See this link).

It seems like I like graphic novels in Chinese better than in English (they are mostly translated from Japanese manga). The other graphic novel author I liked from last year was Fumi Saimon, again, I don't know if her books are translated into English... I guess these books have become my guilty pleasure when I am in a slump.


  1. I was thinking of making that an informal goal as well. I've been good about it lately, but I could do even better. There are tooo many books out there to waste any time on a book I'm not that interested in!

  2. Holy crap, first book a DNF, that sucks for sure but quality over quantity and enjoyment for sure.

  3. @Jenny - there were some books that I kept on reading even though I wasn't feeling them, hoping they'd get better. In the end I should have trusted my instinct. So I want to trust my instinct more this year so I don't feel like I wasted my time...

    @Marce - definitely! I have decided I'd devote less time on reading this year, so we can get our house cleaned up (still a mess, as I hardly worked on any house project in the past few years, deciding to spend my spare time reading instead), so I need to be pickier!

  4. Christa I look forward to hearing how far you got through The Ghost Map and why you didn't sounded interesting, but obviously not interesting enough!

    I hope you get to listen to some audiobooks, I really enjoyed them in a year when I was travelling in my car a lot for work. But there is a weird thing later where you think - 'I know the story of Jany Eyre back-to-front....but I don't remember reading it....oh yeah, I listened to it!!' And the reader's voice can make or break an audiobook too. Don't know if other audiobook listeners have the same experience?

  5. @Fiona - I read about 1/3 of it, but skimmed through a lot... I will definitely explain why the book didn't work for me! See, usually my husband drives (he gets carsick if he is not driving lol, and it doesn't have anything to do with who is the driver :p) and usually I will read then as I have no problem reading in the car... and also since he's driving, I'd rather he listens to something he wants to listen to, which is not necessarily what I want to listen to :)