Sunday, May 30, 2010

"No TV? What do you do then?"

Yes, it is true, we have no TV.

Well, we have a TV set, just that because of where we live, we have very bad reception of the local channels (even rabbit ears won't help). For budget reasons, I told my husband we won't get cable TV (I wish they'd let us subscribe to the channels we want only for a lower price... I don't need 200 channels!). Sometimes I do miss watching shows on HGTV or the Food Network... but I usually just borrow free DVDs from the library and they have a pretty good selection (Project Runway, Boston Legal, The Unit, America's Test Kitchen, Lost... and various movies) - and no ads! Sure, there's usually a long wait, but I can wait. Plus I like watching a whole season of shows over the weekend, so I don't have to wait week after week!

When people found out we have no TV, their first question usually is, 'What? What do you do then?"

Ummm... I read? (Plus I can get the latest news/weather forecast and what not from the internet...)


  1. I know what you mean about wishing the cable companies offered packages where you could pick the TV channels you want to watch. We'd save so much money as we don't watch all that many channels.

    My husband and I do watch TV, although we record everything on the DVR so we can skip through the commercials. We also rent movies and TV shows through Netflix or buy them and I actually think I prefer watching them that way.

    I think it's great that you have no TV service. Reading is so much better. :-)

  2. You can download all these shows from the internet if you have a fast connection with an unlimited download plan. That's what I do! :)

  3. *high five*
    I don't have cable either and get the very same blank stare.

    My husband and I relax more, watch basic channels (we have HD antenna), and rent movies.

    We love it. We're happier for it. You go girl.

  4. I don't have TV either, and don't care much for it. I get those LOOKS too, when I say I read, like I just landed here from some hell-place.

  5. @Literary Feline - I am not against TV at all (I love some shows and would regret not watching them!) I just thought it was kinda funny how shocked people were when they found out we have no TV...

    @Vaishnavi - good point! I have tried doing that but sometimes out internet is sooo slow :(

    @Juju - *high five* back :) We don't mind basic channels if we have reception! But where we live has bad reception. oh well. More time to read!

    @Aths - haha, those who don't read don't know what they're missing out!