Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book Review - The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

Title: The Lost Thing 
Author: Shaun Tan 
Year: 2010 
Page: 32 
Genre: Graphic Novel

New to me author? No 
Read this author again? Yes
Tearjerker? No 
Where did it take place? Anywhere
FTC Disclosure: Borrowed from the library (inter-library loan)

Summary (from
The main humour and intrigue of this remarkable author/artists book lies in the contrast between the casual 'What I did on my holidays' narrative and the bizarre, surreal and funny scenes.

First Sentence:
So you want to hear a story?
Why did I pick this book?
I loved Tan's other books, so gotta read more!

My thoughts:
  • It's yet another oh-so-simple-but-oh-so-true story. Things that happens all the time but we don't notice... or forgot to notice
  • Definitely a "symbolism" story, and a little sad one at that.
  • I don't like the drawings in this one as much as I like the drawings from The Arrival or The Red Tree though, so I deduct 1/2 star for that... 
  • The quote below is semi-spoiler, so read at your own risk, but I just want to remember it by...


    I still think about that lost thing from time to time. Especially when I see something out of the corner of my eye that doesn't quite fit.

    You know, something with a weird, sad, lost sort of look.

    I see that soft of thing less and less these days though.

    Maybe there aren't many lost things around anymore.

    Or maybe I've just stopped noticing them.

    Too busy doing other stuff, I guess.

    Rating: 4 Stars

    Have you read this book? 
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    1. So this one isn't a picture-only or wordless book, right? I should try this one out. Glad you liked this!

    2. @Aths - this one has a few words on each page, a very quick read!