Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crazy Book Tours!

When I read other blogs, I often see "book tours" and didn't quite know what that means... when Jennifer from Crazy for Books cleared that up for me as she has just started one, Crazy Book Tours, for adult fiction and non-fiction (most other book tours seem to be for YA)!

Now I have never done it before, and can be a little challenging (you have a week to read it and then have to mail it to the next person) - but I am willing to give it a try to see if it's something for me. I have to limit myself to read those that I really want to read, and not get too overwhelm by the whole thing! I definitely want to give the book justice, but still be honest about how I feel. I don't get a lot of ARC so it'd be fun to get to read those!

My parents-in-law used to own a bookstore (sad that they don't anymore!) and I had been tot he book convention with them a couple of times - gosh do I miss that!! I remember all those free books we used to get (and some of them were ARC!) - one of them was Peace Like a River, which I know many of you liked it, but it's still sitting on my shelf...

Anyway, here are the 3 I have signed up so far!
Come join us if you are interested! You can sign up here!

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