Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Get away from the books! Play with me instead! ~ Kunik

This boy is full of energy! He'll probably knock me off the stairs one day from the way he zzzzoooooommm up and down the stairs.

Note - TBR pile from the library a couple of weeks back... had to return a bunch of them as I couldn't renew them, and didn't have time to read due to the cats (too busy researching online about cat products, how to live with cats etc)

But I'm the good girl! Pat meeeeeeee! ~ Tallulah

Tallulah is recovering from her cold she caught from the shelter... and boy was I a worry-wart... googling every cat diseases she could've had from all the sneezing (like 10 times in a row!). But I think she's getting better. She LOVES LOVES LOVES food. Fit right into the family!


  1. Your cats are gorgeous! I love the markings on Kunik's front legs. And Tallulah's eyes... it's hard to look away from them!

  2. I love the methods he uses to keep you away from the books.

  3. They are so cute. My cats are good at trying to keep me from books too, though usually they come curl up with me so that I can have both. Too bad about the cold, both of mine came home from the shelter with colds as well, but I'm happy you got her from the shelter :D

  4. Oh my, i'm so not a cat lover :-) You remind me of a new mommy though, you quickly will become a 1 finger typist, lol

    BTW - I have Running with Scissors and almost chose that one, don't know how I forgot to include in my post.

    Memoirs of interest would be, dysfunctional families, mental illness, caregivers of children or elderly, drugs and I should search for a memoir of a professional dancer, think I will love that.

  5. @Charley - thanks! I like them too but I'm probably biased :)

    @Serena - I miss my reading time!

    @Amy - Tallulah is a lap cat (though for a limited period of time only, but she likes being right next to you) and Kunik isn't really a lap cat, but he definitely likes being in the same room, up high, so he can watch us! Luckily he didn't get Tallulah's cold... I felt so bad for her when she kept sneezing!

    @Marce - I am not really a cat person either but for dear husband will have to try. He thinks I'm being a good kitty mommy though - in fact, I was interrupted just now because she demanded a massage! Otherwise her big furry tail would be in my face... sigh. I'll post some book choices on your memoir thread.