Monday, August 30, 2010

Reviews coming up

Reading has been a bit slow, and reviews are behind (the cats ate my blogposts!)

What I HAVE read but haven't reviewed:

  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie (part of a challenge!) 
  • A Vintage Affair: A Novel by Isabel Wolff (Crazy Book Tours. Made me want to go shopping and I don't even like shopping!)
  • Unwind by Neal Shusterman (WOW! Okay still like the Hunger Games better but this story will stay with me
  • Live It, Love It, Earn It: A Woman's Guide to Financial Freedom by Marianna Olszewski (Not what I expected...)

Did Not Finish:

  • The Last Picture Show: A Novel by Larry McMurtry (Book club choice... not my choice...)
  • Denial: A Memoir of Terror by Jessica Stern (Crazy Book Tours. Not what I expected...

Up next:
Gotta go see what I need to return next!
  • 9 non-fiction
  • 4 YA
  • 2 thrillers 
  • 8 Vietnam Wall non-fiction (the challenge calls for 5 books, but I couldn't limit it down. Over-borrowed in case I can't finish some of them lol.) 
  • a bunch of books about cats... ummm...
  • 2 books to be picked up from the library...
  • And yay, #5 in the queue for Mockingjay! Probably won't take long as there are 12 copies! And who could put down her books right? Trying very hard not to read reviews so I won't see spoilers... though I may have accidentally see 2 words and I don't like what I saw!!!

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