Sunday, May 22, 2011

May & Books

May has been a pretty bad reading month so far. Usually I read 8-10 books a month, and so far I'd only read 5 this month (one was read aloud with hubby), and had 3 DNF. Granted, we still have over a week left yet and who knows, maybe I could squeeze a couple more books in - that's probably when YA books come in handy :) But I have to remember, quality, not quantity... I think with YA I'll mostly stick to dystopian only since it seems to be the YA genre I like best. Since I pretty much had been reading every day (some day more pages than others), I guess about this time of the year that I may feel a little burn out and slow down a little.

Work is still keeping me busy... will prob be so for a while... it's a blessing really that we still have relatively stable jobs.

It hasn't been a week of good news though for people we know... my in-laws had to put their dog down due to cancer, I found out a relative has cancer, and another relative may have some damage to their house/car because of the tornado this weekend...The bit of good news this week was that we took our 2 cats (out of 3) to the vet for their first annual check up, and they both passed with flying colors. Made me feel better being a first time pet mum.

Hope everyone are having a better week, reading or otherwise! :)


This week I finished Addition by Toni Jordan, Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Did not finish The Good Patient by Kristin Waterfield Duisberg.


  1. May has been a crappy month for me as well. I started in a rut, ended with two weeks of no reading, and then started reading when I felt I was ready. So it's a bad month for me too. Sorry about all the bad news, I'm glad you have something to celebrate about still.

  2. @Aths - thanks. I hope May has turned out a better reading month for you! I did finish another book (memoir) and have started another one but who knows if I'd finish by 5/31? :)

  3. I have to remember quality over quantity also.

    I have to say this year the reading hasn't been fantastic, I have favourites so far but a few not greats also.