Sunday, May 1, 2011


  • Am about to watch the last Stieg Larsson's movie - The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (haven't read the book). 
  • Has anyone watched Water for Elephant? Is it better than the book? I don't know if I agree with the casting, but will reserve my judgment until I watch it (probably will wait for the DVD though - just like reading, I hardly re-watch movie, and I like that DVD has special features!) 
  • Have you heard about the controversy about Three Cup of Tea? I am still trying to process the info (reading Three Cup of Deceits). I have to admit my initial reaction is disappointment... but I will wait to write about it until I can make up my mind. 
  • Work is still keeping me busy... and it better warms up here soon! We had a couple of nice days with sun shining in April, but the rest of the month had been chilly (and snowed in one day?!) Makes such a difference when you wake up to a sunny day. It holds such promises. 
  • Can't believe it's May already! So many books I want to read (just got a bunch of much anticipated books from the library, like 13 rue Therese, I am not a Serial Killer, Two Kisses for Maddy, The Weird Sisters and So Much Pretty - why do all the reserved books have to come in at the same time?) and so many other things I want to do (editing my personal photos from the last 5 years! cleaning up the house, decorate the house, going on day trips in small towns nearby when the weather is nicer...) and so many things I need to do (get 8 hours sleep, exercise, eat healthier and learn to cook so I can better control what we eat...) Okay I need to stop depressing myself! :)


    1. Hey Christa, you have been busy, wow.

      Lock Artist is interesting so far but I am only on chapt 5, I got the recommendation from here.

      I can't wait to hear what you think of Sweetness, I am not... and Hidden...

      So much Pretty is on my Wishlist also. Do you have a kindle, have I asked you that before? Sorry if I have. I would be happy to try to lend to you.

      I am considering reading Water for Elephants next because I really want to watch the movie, it seems more my kind of movie than book but I will read it first.

    2. @Marce - I think I have to return Lock Artist because I don't think I have time to read it before the 9th as I have other books I want to read first. Guess I will wait for your review and can always borrow it again from the library :)

      No I don't have a kindle - 99% of the books I read I borrow from the library. I'd love to get one if the library supports it and get more ebooks :)

      I read Elephant a while back so only remember the gist but not the details. I like it but not love it, but I was surprised as I didn't think it was my type of books at all.

    3. I have been so busy so haven't been able to read it that much but I am enjoying it.