Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

I don't really do any meme - I don't have the discipline. When I saw this one at Lost in Books, I thought it might be fun to participate since I haven't really shared anything personal before, and I found it's a great way to get to know someone a little bit more!


Bed Size:
Recently changed from Queen to King when we were in need of a new mattress. Now our room looks so small lol!

Chore that you hate: 

I don't think I'd ever be a dog owner (though I never thought I'd be a cat-mama either...) Husband is allergic to dogs. But if I really have to pick one, I'd choose the big, gentle dogs who aren't hyper lol.

Essential start to your day:
Hot shower to wake me up.

Favorite colors:
I don't really have one... it depends on my mood and depends on what it is.

Gold or Silver:
I can wear both. I like rose gold also because one the first ring I had was my grandmother's rose gold band (she died way before I was born.)


Instruments you play:
I learned how to play the piano since I was 4 or 5. I learned the violin for a couple of years but I am bad at it. I learned to play the drums for fun for a year, but too hard to perfect it when you don't have a drum kit to practice on (I "made" my own drum kit using telephone books... but it's not the same)

Job Title:
Analyst / Internal Consultant in a health care institution. Photographer (though I am putting my photography business on sabbatical since my analyst job is keeping me too busy).

None... still deciding... unless you count our 3 kittie-kiddies.

Minnesota (about 7 hours NW of Chicago in the US). Or as they say, Many-snow-ta.

Mother-in-Law's name:
Start with a J. In fact, husband's whole family has a J first name.

None... even husband calls me by my first name.

Overnight hospital stays:
When I was born.

Pet Peeves:
Probably too many to list, but I can't really think of one that makes me really annoyed. I usually forget about it soon after.

Quote from a movie:
The only one I remember is "I see dead people"? :p (and no, I don't)

Right or Left handed:

2 younger sisters

Time you wake up:
Depends if I have early meetings or not... if I have 7am meeting I need to get up at 5:45am to catch the bus. On the weekend, I just sleep till whenever my body wakes up. I am a night owl...

Yes I wear them :p

Vegetable you hate:
It's a Chinese vegetable and I don't remember what it's called (in either Chinese or English... after googling, I wonder if it is "Garland Chrysanthemum" or "Tong Ho"... tastes like metal :p)

What makes you run late:
Not wanting to get up (night owl, remember...)

X-Rays you've had:
Chest/lung, teeth. The teeth one makes me gag :p

Yummy food that you make:
Ice cream! I can't really cook (though I want to learn) but I can make pretty good ice cream, thanks to David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop ice cream recipe book! I used to feel indifferent about vanilla ice-cream, until I made it myself using vanilla bean. Better than even Ben & Jerry or Häagen-Dazs! Love green tea ice cream. I even modified the recipe to make black sesame ice-cream (you can tell I am Asian since I love green tea and black sesame everything :)

Zoo animal:
Ummm... don't really have a favorite?


  1. "I see dead people" is a great one that I'd forgotten about! I've never made ice cream before, I'll have to try it next summer

  2. Had to laugh about the telephone book drum kit...and the black sesame/ green tea can tell I'm NOT Asian because I still can't quite enjoy green tea icecream ;)

  3. I never heard "many-snow-ta" - very good!

  4. Fun. I'm a night owl too. I'm usually up til 1 or 2 and my baby gets me up btween 6:30-7:30. I also love nap time :)

  5. I hate teeth x-rays, too, and I think the dentist may hate giving them to me even more! :)

    How do you find time to read so many books? I'm jealous. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing, now I want a bowl of your mum's soup.

  7. Hot showers are the best, perfect to wake you up.

    Telephone books drum, lol

    You must share your photography with us one day.

    My family are all MEP or EMP initials.

    Your the oldest, i'm the youngest.

    Yes you wear underwear, lmao, great answer.

    It is totally cool that you can make ice cream. I don't know about black sesame ice cream though.

  8. I'm curious about black sesame ice cream. I think that's something I would buy. I'm glad you shared something personal with us. :-)

  9. @helen - I have a terrible memory when it comes to quotes, whether they are from books or movies or famous people or whatever. So that's about the only one I remember!

    @Fiona - the quality of the green tea ice cream makes a big difference! I went to a local Chinese buffet (westernized stuff...) that offered green tea ice cream and I was so excited... then I was greatly disappointed. Though my husband likes to drink green tea, he thinks the green tea ice cream that I made tasted like grass :p

    @rhapsodyinbooks - I didn't come up with many-snow-ta, wish I am that creative. But it's soooo true unfortunately!

    @stacybuckeye - I love naps too! :) I am definitely more productive at night when it's quiet and without distractions.

    @croquecamille - I don't read that much compared to others - who can read like 400-500 books a year!

    @Esme - I want a bowl of my mum's soup too!

    @Marce - I'll try to share more photography in the future, just that I specialize in people photograph, and I don't feel comfortable posing them even if I have their permission (I'm okay to post them on my professional site as they'd expect that, but not on some random book blogs they have no idea about..) Black sesame - I just roast them first so they get a bit of a nutty flavor! It looks more like gray than black... okay I guess that doesn't sound very appetizing either lol.

    @vasilly - if you got to an asian grocery store, you should be able to find black sesame ice cream - both Chinese and Japanese love them :) Red bean is also a good one to try.

  10. Minnesota girls are the best!!!! I am one too! I love reading memes but I don't participate too often. I'm glad you did though.

    You are reading two of my favorite books!

  11. @Michelle - I guess I wasn't aware you are from MN! Cool :) I just finished Little Bee - it was okay for me... wasn't as good as I hoped it'd be :(