Monday, October 10, 2011

Question Time - Do People Ask You Why You Blog?

As I was busy typing up my last review, my husband asked, why do you do reviews? I guess to him, it's like homework.

Why would I want to assign myself homework huh :p

I guess since he doesn't read books (he prefers short articles, with his ADD and all), he doesn't quite get the excitement of discovering books (especially novels) and talking with others about books.

He likes movies, so to me books are no different to movies, except I play the movies in my head when I read. I am the director, the casting director, the photographer, the...  it always amazes me that people get weird when they hear you love to read, but they don't give a second thought if people say they love movies.

I also told him I don't want to forget what I read (and of course he asked, why? So what if you forget?)

Well I just want to damnit :) I love to read, but I don't like reading textbooks at school. I like to blog but I don't like writing reports for school/work.

I blog because I can. Because I want to :) It's not like I am asking him to blog :)


  1. You blog so we can read what you've written and get great ideas for new reads! Don't you??

    I figure a blog makes you do/see/read/experience things in a more thoughtful way - when you have to put your thoughts into words, you do consider things more deeply, and for me (for you too?) this makes the whole experience more enriching.

    Keep blogging!

  2. There are so many books I've read in the past that I remember snippets of and would love to revisit but I don't remember the titles of. If only I had kept track of what I read when I was growing up.

    I like being able to go back and see what I read in what year. I like being able to read what my first impressions are and note if they have changed or not upon a reread.

    I also really like being able to discuss books with others.


  3. Tell him you blog because your blogging buddies rely on your opinion, lol.

    And of course because you want to and enjoy it.

    Blogging is such a part of my life, it would be a huge miss if I didn't.

    I will admit to writing a review for a book I didn't like does feel like homework, eek :-)

  4. @Fiona - oh I'd definitely keep blogging :) I definitely want to blog about our (very limited) travel... like my Mexico trip in 2006 (!), the HK trip last year, and local Minnesota stuff... I just need to edit my photos first! When I was doing photography for clients, I definitely neglect my own personal photos...

    @quirky girls/jehara - I couldn't agree with you more. I wish I'd kept a list of all the books I'd ever read, and I wish I had written at least SOME review/notes of all of them because I hardly remember about the books when looking at the title! I like that I can go back to the reviews if I want to recommend some books to friends. As I get older, my memory is getting worse lol!

    @Marce - hehe I find that when I am blogging a negative review, I definitely have to think about it more so that I can be diplomatic about it and explain why the book is not for me (instead of just saying it sucks :) I read that authors typically don't like reading negative reviews (who does... I get defensive when someone doesn't get my photography lol :) so I want to take the time to explain why it didn't work FOR ME, but may work for other people. When it is a good book though, it doesn't take as much effort to gush :)

  5. It's to remember how you felt for a book. How your invested time left you. :)

    PS Thanks so much for coming by and congratulating me :) I'm a huge Nameberry fan.

  6. @Juju - "how your invested time left you" - good one! And you are welcome, I am excited for you! I love reading about names. Reading nameberry made me think about naming choices I never even thought about. I didn't know there are so many "rules" lol.

  7. Christa: Thanks :) It's hard when it comes time to name someone and you're faced with the question, "How much of a rule breaker or follower to I want to be?" :D

  8. @Juju - True! It took us 1-2 weeks to name each of our cats! I hear you about whether to have a common or unique name - I never thought that someone with a unique name would hate it because I thought it'd be cool that no one else has that name! I guess being Chinese, a lot of Chinese names are unique (though there are some common combinations too) and I haven't come across anyone with my (or my sisters') Chinese names. Good luck, can't wait to find what you decide on! :)