Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Review - Odd Jobs by Ben Lieberman

Title: Odd Jobs
Author: Ben Lieberman
Year: 2011
Page: 252
Genre: Fiction - Thriller

FTC Disclosure: Elaine Krackau from PR by the Book contacted me and asked if I'd like to receive a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review

Summary (from
Ten years ago, Kevin Davenport's life was rocked after witnessing the murder of his father. It's tough enough growing up without a father, but now there's not enough money to support himself, his mother and college tuition. But Kevin doesn't give up so easily. He never gets the luxury of a "normal job" and is always on the hustle. And this time is no different. He finds himself working in the corrupt Kosher World Meat Factory, a gritty business controlled by a crime syndicate and filled with a bizarre cast of characters who start turning up dead. Things are never as they seem as Kevin begins to get a little too involved in the lives of hardened criminals. Soon enough, he finds himself in a battle for his life.

First Sentence:
Just when I thought I could pull it off, I let out a double tequila burp.

My Thoughts:

  • I picked this book because the premise sounded exciting. I am always on the look out for new thriller authors! Endorsement from James Patterson didn't hurt either.

  • This is a fast-paced novel, however, it may be a bit too fast that there is not much character development.
  • Some of the plots also seemed a bit unrealistic and everything tied in too perfectly. So in the end I was not very engaged either in the character or the story. When the big twist was revealed about Kevin's dad, I wasn't all that surprised.
  • I am probably not the target audience - I think this book may be more suitable for college aged males, more like a dude-thriller (the protagonist is an early twenty-something).
  • The part I liked the best was probably the relationship between the protagonist and his "mentor" - it is great to read about those kind of relationship, I just wish it was elaborated more - the friendship, loyalty and the rest
  • This book seemed to be set up as a series though, so maybe more character development will emerge 
  • The book title stood out, and fit the story. The cover was pretty typical of this genre though, and not something I'd have picked from a line up. 

Overall Rating:

2 Stars. I am not the target audience.

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