Monday, November 14, 2011

What's been happening...

I took last week off work - I needed to use up some vacation time, but I also was ready for a break (an extended mental health day... I guess that'd be a mental health week?) I wasn't overly stressed, just that I'd been working hard without much of a break for a while. I had plans to clean up the house, or just sit around to read, or maybe work on my NaNoWriMo story.

I ended up doing absolutely nothing. Well that's a lie, I actually ended up catching up on book reviews/blogging. That's why you saw so many posts from me in the past few days because I was in the mood to write (but not in the mood for NaNoWriMo). I posted 15 reviews this week, have 4 scheduled to go in the next few days, and I still have 20 to do yet (5 DNF, 4 Non-Fiction, and 11 Fiction). But at least I am half way there! For a while I thought I won't be able to catch up by the end of the year, but I think I might just be able to. Now if I'd continue to write at least 1-2 per day I should be able to catch up in no time!

I wasn't in the mood to read at all... so far in November I'd finished 2 books only and we're almost half way through the month. To date, I'd read 84 books (62 fiction, 22 non-fiction, and 14 DNF). I doubt I can make it to 100 as I'd done in the past few years. Unless I read a lot of YA or graphic novels... but I am not going to do that just to reach a number. If I am in the mood to read a YA, I will(I do have one that I want to read, but not sure if I'd read it this year or next.) I did read 4 graphic novels already (3 were in a series) and that's enough for me for now. So I will just read what strikes my mood, and if I don't want to read, then so be it. There are times I wish I could just sit and read all week long, but I guess this week I really just wanted a break, and be lazy. I know it's a luxury. But I needed it.

Now I am ready to go back to work tomorrow!


  1. Oh the gloom of going back to work. Remember this week, if you had a child it would not have been so lovely doing nothing :-) I'm just saying...... lol

    Hey, why don't you read a JeffreyD book, or have you read them all? I would love to see a review of his from you. I'm going to read one for sure from your recommendation.

    I am also reading Cinderella ate my daughter now from your review.

  2. @Marce - re child: lol. If anything happens and I whine about it then you can tell me "I told you so!" :) I have reviewed 2 Deaver books - go here: I have read all the Lincoln Rhyme ones I think. I prefer that to his stand alone. His latest book was a James Bond novel but I haven't read that one yet (I am indifferent about Bond movies, hadn't read any Bond books.)