Monday, April 5, 2010

LOVE these Book Sculptures by Brian Dettmer!

"Brian Dettmer's carved books are intricate creations, which seek both to seduce the eye and provoke the mind. Through the cut open cover of a book the viewer sees layers of specifically selected text and illustration carved from the pages of the book. Through the gaps in an architectural drawing or perhaps the chambers of the human heart, one can see a word peeking through, perhaps a clue to the larger meanings of the piece. These pieces seek to bridge the gap between a medium's form and its message. Dettmer manages to use the contrasting layers of image and text to explore the conveyance of information, as well as being able to get the viewer to examine what that can mean."

Can't post a picture - but check this out!


  1. PS
    Good luck decorating your home! Sounds like such fun :D

  2. @Juju - thanks! I just need to get motivated to take down wallpaper and prep and paint and declutter and keep it clean after cleaning and... :)