Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now he understands the addiction!

My husband J has ADD and doesn't have the attention span to read books... he'd read short articles online or in magazines, but doesn't understand how I can just sit there all day and read!

Anyway, I won a copy of I Am Ozzy audio book - I know he likes Ozzy Osbourne, and I know he prefers audio to books (even when "reading" online articles, he'll have the computer reads to him as he said he can concentrate better that way), so I thought I'd give it to him to see if he'd like listening to a book (as opposed to short articles). He loved it! I borrowed When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin by Mick Wall audio book (a long one with 15CD/18 hours) and he finished it too - listening it at home instead of just during car rides!

AND THEN, he started downloading e-books from the library to listen to and he has already listened to a couple, without any of my encouragement :) He listens to it all the time (we share an office and I can block out the "noise" without problem).

So now he understands why I am always reading - he just needed to find a format that works for him :) Isn't it such a joy when you can share the love of reading?


  1. That is cool. I can't get into audio books, my mind wonders.

    So now you can read/listen to the same book and discuss, cool.

  2. I stopped by your blog today. I can't get into audio books, my eyes take my mind off on a different tangent.
    Ann Summerville
    Cozy In Texas

  3. That is so fantastic! I recommend audio books a lot as I find them really useful - long car trips, exercising, washing dishes, vacuuming. I am thrilled he's enjoyed reading finally! Congraulationg! Ive heard Slash's book is really good if he's into 1980's Rock.

  4. It is great to hear that he understands! I love audio books, although I've discovered that not all books work on audio. I recommend looking at the audies:

    for some of the best audio books. It includes loads of different categories, so there should be something for all there.

  5. Awesome!
    My husband is the same way. He loves audio books but rarely sits down to read.

  6. @MarceJ - my mind wonders too when I listen to audio, or I fall asleep! Yes it's nice that now we may be able to discuss the same book - though we are interested in different things but it may be good to choose the same book every so often.

    @Cozy in Texas - me too... but as long as it works for my husband :)

    @Carin - Thanks for the recommendation of Slash. I am trying to see if audio would work when I exercise since I can't read on the elliptical. Need to clean out the room first though!

    @farmlanebooks - thanks for the link! Yes I heard not all books work well on audio, but it's definitely nice that now he understands :)

    @Juju - It's good that the audio option is out there for those who can't sit still :)