Monday, April 5, 2010

LOVE this bookstore! And mini-update

I came across this post on Publishers Weekly: A Photo Tour of Montague Bookmill in Montague, Massachusett. I wish I live nearby!

To learn more about it,  you can go to their website too:


Mini update:
  • Still tired from the trip. 
  • Been catching up on blogs on Google Reader - nearly up to date again!
  • Have 2 book reviews to do - Jin-Ling's 2 Left Feet by Helen Chen and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (now why did I wait to read this when I won a copy of it over a year ago??)
  • Reading American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld (April Book Club) and since that was nearly finished, I took Postcards from a Dead Girl by Kirk Farber to work today instead.
  • Since I returned all the library books before my trip, the first 2 days back to work (library is nearby), I went to check out 19 books. 8 Fiction and 11 Non-Fic. Am in the mood for fiction though so will be reading them first (plus saving my Non-Fic for the Non-Fic challenge in May :)) I should probably restrain myself from going to the library - each time I go, I can't resist borrowing more books. I probably won't go until the book(s)/DVD I'd reserved (we get to reserve 30 and I have reached my limit boo-hoo!) comes in, or when my book club meets (4/20), or until I read a blog review on a book that I-must-read-now-and-the-library-has-it!


  1. You can only reserve 30 things at your library? That would kill me!

  2. @Juju - I know! I wish it is nearby! Or if I have the money to open one myself :)

    @Eva - yes just 30... but that's better than my older library back in Australia - I don't remember the limit but you have to pay A$1 to reserve for each book!