Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book Review - Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio

Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio

I remember other bloggers mentioned loving Jio's other book, The Violets of March. I had borrowed that book previously, but didn't get around to reading it. When I saw Blackberry Winter at the library, I thought the premise sounded interesting. Plus, we're still snowing here in the midwest... it seems fitting to read about a winter tale right? Reading about tropical islands right now would make me too jealous :)

It was easy to suck into the story. The writing was easy to read - which is great for me right now because I am usually tired (working full time with a 7m old) so I am really reading to entertain. I have to say though, probably because of my love for murder/mystery/thriller books, I could guess the ending / twists and turns pretty much right from the start. I kept reading just to see if I was right...

The characters are okay, some seem to be too perfect, and there seems to be a bit too many coincidences in the plot... but I enjoyed reading it.

3 Stars.

Note - The book was borrowed from the library.

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