Monday, July 5, 2010

Books about cats?

My husband drew up with pets (mostly cats), I didn't.

He really wants to have a cat or two. I asked if he'd regret it if he never have pets again. Yes, he said. I am willing to give it a try... while I don't like the idea of potentially finding cat poop or pee or puke on our carpet when we get home (I stayed with his family for a bit when we were dating - I was visiting from Australia then, and had experience on stepping on the nasties because I couldn't see it on the dark brown carpet... luckily we do NOT have dark brown carpet! Just beige... so should be easier to spot!), perhaps I also don't know what I could be missing out on from having a pet - the love and companionship I hear about (and read about, like Dewey the library cat, and Marley the dog).

So, for those of you who have cats, are there any books you can recommend so I can be better prepare for this new adventure? We probably won't adopt for another month or two, as I want to finish cleaning up the house first. It's not pet-safe right now. Plus I want to finish painting the different rooms first as I wouldn't want kitty painted paws on the carpet, or knocking over the paint can (I'm clumsy enough as is!)

Would love to hear your experience with your kitties!

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  1. honestly, your best bet would be Cats for Dummies. And there's a book called Kitten Taming that is good, especially if you plan to get a kitten. But kittens are pretty high-maintenance. I'd suggest thinking about getting a 2-3 year old cat. They're a lot calmer. And contrary to assumptions, short hairs cats shed the most. Long-haired cats shed less. Siamese cats are a bit nuts/mean. Please adopt from a shelter or rescue society.