Friday, July 2, 2010

Maybe I shouldn't go to the library anymore...

We moved in 3 years ago, and last night I finally opened the boxes that contained my books. Oh boy.

I didn't have a chance to look through them or put them on the shelves yet (need to dust first), but gosh, I HAVE SO MANY BOOKS I HAVE NOT READ!!!!!!!! And they look like good books to read too!

Last year, I bought a book to keep as it was a childhood favorite (it is originally a Japanese book, and I'd read the Chinese version multiple times as a child, and now bought the English version). Guess what, as I opened one of the boxes, I ALREADY HAVE A COPY OF THE ENGLISH VERSION! But I have NO recollection at all when or where I bought it (probably ebay, like the one I bought a few months back)!!

I may need to ban myself from going to the library for a while, after reading the pile I have borrowed, and I feel I really want to read that is on my TBR list.

But I don't want the library circulation stats to go down and they get a budget cut :) Well, what I borrowed is just a small number of their total circulation, but still, every little bit helps I'd think, and I do check out a lot of books/videos, and read most of them.

Anyway, back to my books. I wonder if I'd need another book case, since one of the (cheapie) bookcase was ruined when we moved and is now in the garage... ummm... hopefully I'll have the books on the shelves by the end of the long weekend!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. We have books out in the garage, because we have no room for them, and we often find ourselves buying books or getting them from the library that we then discover were in the garage all along! I would love to have room for them in the house, but then one of us would have to move out to the garage! LOL

  2. I know what you mean, I will have to stay out of the library too till I get done with my owned books!

  3. Sounds like heaven at your house: boxes of books you forgot you owned? Sounds great to me! Enjoy going through them and shelving them!

  4. @rhapsodyinbooks - too funny :) I don't quite have THAT many books that I need to store them in the garage yet, but when I see pictures of houses with shelves full of books or have a home-library, it just warms my heart :)

    @Aths - I know! But it is so hard to stay away from the library! I go to the library much more often than I go to the mall or anywhere else :)

    @Helen - It does sound like getting to open lots of presents! :) I just need to go through them now to see what I really have!