Sunday, July 25, 2010

Updates - Books and Cats

  • As you can see, I'd been reading, but didn't have a chance to do my 6 book reviews until now for the books I read in July (except one!) I averaged about 10 books a month, and didn't quite reach that this month, since I was busy doing research about cats, and got busy with the cat we adopted! (updates about the kitty below!)
  • Reading Veracity by Laura Bynum now - another dystopian book. I am really enjoying this genre. Though I am struggling with this book... I heard it's a little scary if it comes true... but I just can't seem to focus right now. I'm on p73 right now. I have to return it to the library by early August... I may just have to return it, and read it later when I feel like it. I think with my lack of sleep, I just need something easy to read! Anyone read it? Worth sticking to?
  • My next Book Club read is The Last Picture Show. I think it's a movie too? No idea, never heard of it...
  • Again, I am behind visiting everyone's blogs!!! I have over 1000+ new posts to read. Sorry about that! Will try my best to catch up soon... I was supposed to vote for the genre I registered with for BBAW, and didn't have time to do that!
  • And THANK YOU for all your comments on my blog too! Will reply soon!

  • Well it's been just over a week since we had him! To answer some of your questions, the shelter thinks he's a Scottish Fold with straight ears. He's about 1.5 years old, 7lb or so. He's a small cat but has a rather long body for his head proportion! :)
  • I think we'll call him Kunik - which means Eskimo Kisses as he likes giving them! Still trying to see if this name will fit him. It's so hard to come up with a name that fits his look and personality!
  • The first night was tough, he cried all night... and we were exhausted after a 9 hours drive that day (return). But he had adapted amazingly well - using his litter box perfectly, eating fine, loves following us around, loves being petted, loves having his tummy rubbed. He keeps rolling over and over in front of us. He can get a little vocal at times, like waking us up at 5am-ish 3 days in a row for more food, and we're not morning people :p He also cried for a few minutes when we go to bed but hadn't done that the past couple of nights. He doesn't really want to sleep in bed with us, he just likes being in the same room with us, preferably somewhere high, so he can watch us. But I can't get sleep that way with him walking over my pillows all night!
  • He LOVES his cat tree - so glad we got it!! Catnip has NO effect whatsoever on him. Doesn't really like play toys either. I should do product reviews of all the things I'd gotten him! I did a lot of research, and that's why I didn't much time to read or blog this past couple of weeks... I have a tendency to do A LOT of research, list pro/con, before I make a decision...
  • So, so far so good with the cat. We'll probably get a 2nd cat soon to keep him company. We went to the shelter yesterday but didn't really see any that jumps out to us. We don't just a 2nd cat, we want one who'll be a good fit for Kunik personality wise. We want them to be good buddies, not just 2 cats who'll try to tolerate each other in the house
  • Today, we were watching some video about cats we were looking into adopting. When Kunik heard the cat meow, he just stared at my monitor and wouldn't look away!! Husband J found some other clips of other cats meowing (just to see if it's that particular cat, or just the meowing), and Kunik went behind his monitor, figuring that's where the meowing was coming from, only to be disappointed that there were no cats hiding behind the computer :( He wasn't hissing or anything, just got really curious. We think he really, really misses his other cat friends in the foster home (there were 6 there). While I think he's happy with our attention so far, he can definitely use a friend, especially at night when we're sleeping! So our hunt for a 2nd cat continues!
  • Yesterday he missed his steps and fell from the window sill to the cat tree (not a very high drop) - my heart almost jumped out! Good thing cats have 9 lives and are good at landing from high drops!!
  • If anyone is in the Mid-West looking to adopt a cat, I can high recommend the shelter we got our cat from - Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue (SPCR)! The foster mum was amazing, and answered my numerous questions. And they took such good care of the cats. I didn't really have a preference for purebred or not - I just happen to like the look and personality of Kunik! That was even before I knew he was a Scottish Fold (he doesn't have the signature folded ears, so I had no idea), and I had always thought Scottish Folds were cute with a wonderful personality! So I got what I wanted, without even knowing it!
  • I have to say he's a great first cat to have. I couldn't have asked for a better first cat. Now hopefully we can find another great cat that's a good fit for our home!

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  1. I just discovered your blog... I'm really enjoying it! And coincidentally, we're just thinking about getting two new kittens to add to our menagerie. We're going to wait until Christmas so we're off work long enough to get them properly settled in... :-)