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Book Review - Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

Title: Financial Peace Revisited 
Author: Dave Ramsey
Year: 2002
Page: 352
Genre: Non-Fiction - Finance

New to me author? Yes
Read this author again? Yes
Tearjerker? No
Where did it take place? US
FTC Disclosure: Borrowed from the Library

Summary (from
Dave Ramsey knows what it's like to have it all. By age twenty-six, he had established a four-million-dollar real estate portfolio, only to lose it by age thirty. He has since rebuilt his financial life and, through his workshops and his New York Times business bestsellers Financial Peace and More than Enough, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people to understand the forces behind their financial distress and how to set things right-financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

In this new edition of Financial Peace, Ramsey has updated his tactics and philosophy to show even more readers:

• how to get out of debt and stay out
• the KISS rule of investing-"Keep It Simple, Stupid"
• how to use the principle of contentment to guide financial decision making
• how the flow of money can revolutionize relationships

With practical and easy to follow methods and personal anecdotes, Financial Peace is the road map to personal control, financial security, a new, vital family dynamic, and lifetime peace. 

First Sentence:
The speaker asked the people to raise the envelope containing their bills over their heads and to pray for their financial predicaments.
Why did I pick this book?
Husband and I were going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. This book is required reading, to supplement the class.

My thoughts:
  • It is hard for me to rate this book, because we read this book to supplement the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class material. We read one or two chapters per week over 13 weeks, and not in sequence. 
  • I'd say though, that we are really glad we did the class. We wish we'd done it earlier - when we got married, before we got married... and actually, while we were in high school, when we really thought about it. But it's better late than never, and I really think we feel more hopeful and less stressed about our future. There are still many years to go before we can retire (if we retire at the "normal" age), but I like that now we have a plan.
  • This book is a good supplement to the class. It includes some worksheets, and examples. We are going to read another Ramsey book, Total Money Makeover, which has more case studies.
  • Now, we don't think Dave Ramsey's way is the other way to help personal finances. But it definitely helps to have both husband and I to be on the same page, to open our communication (how many couples do not argue about money in one way or another?). We are not following everything to the T, but we're modifying some of his methods to suit our needs because I am confident we can stick to our plan. If you don't know Dave Ramsey, check out his website. He also has a radio show too so you can listen to that too! 
    Rating: 4 Stars

    Have you read this book? 
    If you have, I would love to hear what you think! I'll link your review here if you wish!

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