Sunday, January 30, 2011

Non-reading goals in 2011

While I listed my reading goals at the beginning of the year, there are 2 other goals I want to achieve this year - start exercising and get the house ready so we can start having guests!

We finally gave in and bought a Wii a few days ago :) I know for those of you who exercise regularly, Wii Fit (Plus) may be too simple or not real exercise for you. But for someone like me who never exercised at all (unless you count about the 1-2 months we went to the gym way back when), hopefully it'd motivate me to just move a bit more! We played Wii Sport and Wii Sport Resort a couple of nights ago, and last night I started using Wii Fit Plus. So we'll see how that goes! If you have a Wii, what other games would you recommend? It's so nice that our library also have Wii games we can borrow too - granted, not a very large selection and most are kids games, but it's better than nothing :) Funny how I have never owned any type of video games console before (well I won a Game Cube but used it like once, because I sucked at video games). Used to like Pac-Man but it was my aunt's and not mine.

The other goal - we moved in 3.5 years ago (4 years in June) and apart from a handful of times my in-laws were here, we had ever had any guests because our house is such a mess! Still have wallpaper to take off, rooms to paint, and the boxes to stuff to unpack. Probably need to throw stuff out too since when we moved, we didn't have much time to pack (I was finishing up my graduate degree with finals and papers, transferring to a new position / department within the same company, and moving at the same time). So we pretty much just packed everything, rather than throwing out stuff we didn't want when we pack. So now, when we unpacked, we need to sort things through. My taste in decoration is quite extreme, I like modern furniture, to antique (Victorian, '20s Art Deco), to farm house style, to danish modern (60's), to Asian Zen! I can't make up my mind :) But I really just want to unclutter, and make it welcoming to families and friends so we don't have to be too embarrassed when we say we can't have anyone over :) Of course we have to make it kitty friendly too...

Ummm... which just means, I'll have less time to read... and the library just told me I have 4 books to pick up and they are books I'd been looking forward to reading! I need to read faster!!!


  1. Hey Christa,

    Don't read faster, unless you can still full enjoy them :-)

    My recommendation would be to do each room a completely different style but also put all your energy into 1 room so you don't get overwhelmed and end up with 3 half done rooms.

    Else for exercise Wii is a great start even though I don't have one. If you just need toning Pilates is amazing.

  2. Ahh I love the wii! And also use wii fit lots :-) because i'm a total geek,my favourite game is actually trivial pursuit,though im liking the look of the new disney wii game,epic mickey too...