Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"HOLD PICKUP NOTICE" from the library...

Left neglected by Lisa Genova is ready for me to pick up in the library! YAY!!!

My most anticipated book in 2011!

Just want to share the excitement :) Doesn't take much lol :) But I'm sure you book lovers know exactly how it is!

PS - She wrote Still Alice, one of my favorite books.


  1. Christa I am so there with you, I preordered this one and can't wait to see it show up in the mail, this month, any day now, yaaay.

    How did your library get it so fast, wow.

  2. I'd just started reading it last night - took a lot of will power to not start right away! But I wanted to finish my previous book first (Caribou Island) or I'd never finish it... though sometimes with a book that's so highly anticipated, I am almost afraid to read it, fearing it may not live up to the expectations and be disappointed in the author!