Thursday, January 6, 2011

BTT - Any New Year’s reading resolutions?

Any New Year’s reading resolutions? 
  1. Quality over quantity. If I can reach 100 books again for the 4th year in a row - fine. If not, I won't stress out much about it.
  2. Read approximately half fiction and half non-fiction
  3. Continue to blog every book, hopefully within a week
  4. Let's see if I can stick to doing BTT every week!
  5. Keep recommending books to others and encourage non-readers to discover the magic of books!
  6. As much as I love my local library, I should at least read 10 of my own books... there are 170+ waiting...
  7. Give audio books a try, while trying to exercise (bought an elliptical and have hardly used it... because I'd rather use the time to read instead... and I can't read it and use it at the same time. Perhaps audio books will help lower the opportunity cost)
  8. Read 5 books with husband - he prefers audio books and I prefer reading. So to spend more quality time together, maybe we'll pick a book and I'll read to him instead. We did one book together last year and it seemed to work quite well. Since English is not my first language, he can correct my pronunciation too. Kill multiple birds with one stone :)
  9. Read 5 books I won't normally choose. Even if I can't finish, at least give it a try.
  10. Just enjoy reading... it shouldn't be a chore

    Have to remember to check back 1/1/12 to see how many goals I meet!


  1. I really like your goals. I especially like the reading half and half, and increasing the audio books, and of course enjoying it without stress and pressure! Good luck on your goals!!!

  2. I'm here via Booking Through Thursday and I love your resolutions, especially the idea of reading aloud to your audio-book favoring husband! Neat idea!

  3. I would have never known English wasn't your 1st language, what language is?

    At least your husband reads/listens to books, I think that is a great resolution.

    Ellptical is my favourite cardio machine, wish I had one, it is not great for reading though.

    What books are out of your norm, I will be happy to recommend one to you since I get lots of my memoirs to try from you.

  4. @rhapsodyinbooks - thanks! I was never much into writing down goals (they're in my head), but since so many studies said writing them down help achieved them at a much higher rate, might as well try it!

    @elizabethwillse - thanks for visiting! Husband has agreed to the idea, I just need to pick something he'd enjoy also.

    @Marce - My first language is Cantonese (Chinese). Husband prefers non-fiction, but I think we should try at least one fiction. He likes watching movies, so I told him fiction books are just like movies! I was debating whether to get the elliptical or treadmill, but husband said elliptical is better on the knees, though I could read while walking on the treadmill :) (I don't run...) I just need to use it! Out of the norm books... non-American writers, books write in verse (I don't get poetry, but at at least with verse there will a bit more of a plot), short stories, fantasy/urban fantasy, sci-fi... ummm what else are there... oh I guess classics too, since I hardly ever read them, but I do know we're reading one for the book club.

  5. I only speak English but in my role, I meet employees from all over the world, we hire over 50 different nationalities.

    You must try one of Lisa Schroeders Verse Novels, I heart you, You haunt me was my very favourite, I will read all of hers, just a beautiful emotional way of writing, I was shocked but it has become my simple pleasure.

    I wish I had an eliptical but unsure if I would use it either, lol